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blog details: The Madhavas are Vaishnava Brahmins. The affiliations of the Madhwa philosophy extended in the form of temples and monasteries from Udupi in the South India to Dwaraka in West India to Gaya in the East India to Badrinath in the North India. The traditional occupation of Madhwa Brahmins is priesthood, but they also engaged in occupations such as agriculture and the business. Madhwa Brahmins are pure vegetarian. Most Madhavas are erudite. They rarely intermarry with other sects. Madhava men can be recognised by their distinctive Vaishnava caste marks, such as, the 'akshata' (round dark mark) and the 'angara' (a vertical central charcoal-black line drawn on the forehead), the additional sandal paste caste marks on the arms, chest and abdomen representing the sankha (conch), padma (lotus) and the like. At home the women and girls worship the tulsi plant daily. But in custom, tradition and dress the Madhavas can hardly be distinguished from Maharashtra Brahmins. The mother tongue of many Madhava families of Madras and Tanjavur is Marathi.


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