Google's Rebranding : Bard Al Switches to Gemini

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blog details: Gemini and the iPhone users can access this through the Google app. Google's new AlGemini is a multimodal chalbot, which can interact with information across text, images. code and many more to count. One can also generate images through text input with Gemini Al. Beller believe il also translates languages with cultural nuances and with the assistance of text descriptions, it can help in musical compositions. Gemini changes are a hirst step to building a true Ai assistant." There is a premium all access advanced version, where users will have to pay 1,950/-. This version comes with many perks like 2'TB of cloud storage, unlocking Google's Al editing tools and many other useful things. The premium version users will get to access Gemini in Does, Gmail and many other Google apps. The free version can be accessed by visiting and one just has to login using their Google account. The free version of Bard will also lead you to the Gemini chatbol. The vice president al Google and general manager for Google Assistant and Bard, have stated that "Google's On Thursday, Google announced that for people who already have a Google One subscription, this price includes the storage plans they may already be paying for and will also gel a two month free trial for the same. This is available in more than 150 countries all around the world, but for now, the language available is only English. but they are definitely going to add more languages including Japanese and Korean. source-(

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