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blog details: Binola Khal, also known as cotton seed cake, is a high quality protein and fat animal feed that is an excellent source of nutrition for Cows are heavier dairy animals than cows and require energy and nutrient-rich animal feed to maintain their growth and milk production. Binola Khal is a tasty and digestible animal feed which Cows easily consume. It is rich in protein and fat. Benefits of Binola Khal: Good source of protein: Binola Khal contains more protein of by-pass nature, hence it provides additional protein to the animal, which increases milk production. Good source of nutrients: Binola Khal is a good source of protein and fat which is important for the health of Cows. Strong immune system: Binola Khal contains Vitamin E which strengthens the immune system of Cow, making them more resistant to diseases and infections. Cost-effective feed option: Binola Khal is a relatively cost-effective feed option compared to other high-protein supplements. How to feed Binola Khal: Cows should gradually include Binola Khal in their diet. Start its quantity from 1 kg and increase it to 2 kg per day. Binola Khal should be fed by mixing it with other food items like sawdust, grains and other Khal etc. Binola Khal should be soaked for 2 hours before feeding. Binola Khal is a nutritious animal feed that helps in improving the health and productivity of Cows. It is an economical food that is available throughout the year. If you rear Cow, then include Binola Khal in your cow's diet and feed it regularly. Binola Khal is the best option for the nutrition of cows. Why choose Siwani Binola Khal for animals? Binola Khal for cows offers specific advantages. Siwani Binola Khal is known for its high quality and nutritional value, making it an excellent choice for feeding animals. Binola Khal is rich in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, supporting the growth, health, and productivity of animals. Binola Khal is a cost-effective and nutritionally dense feed option that supports the well-being and productivity of Cows. Why should animals be given a balanced diet? Nutritional Needs: Binola Khal contains essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, energy, and essential fatty acids that are necessary for animals to maintain their health and well-being. Muscle Development: The protein content in Binola Khal supports muscle development and repair in animals, ensuring they stay strong and healthy. Digestive Health: The fiber present in Binola Khal promotes healthy digestion in animals, reducing the risk of digestive issues such as bloating or constipation. Energy Source: Binola Khal provides a source of energy for animals, helping them meet their daily energy requirements for various activities such as grazing, walking, and reproduction. By providing animals with a balanced diet that includes Binola Khal, farmers and animal owners can ensure their livestock thrive and perform at their best.

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