Prasuma Sets New Culinary Standard with International Taste Award

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blog details: In a groundbreaking achievement, Prasuma, India's premier Frozen Foods brand, has secured the esteemed Superior Taste Award 2024 from the International Taste Institute in Brussels. This accolade marks a signilicant milestone for the Indian food industry, with Prasuma emerging as the first and only Indian food brand to receive such an honour. Their Spicy Chicken Momos and BBQ Chicken Bao Buns have been awarded two stars out of three, highlighting Prasuma's commitment to culinary excellence. Elevating Indian Flavours Globally Lisa Suwal, CEO of Prasuma, expressed her excitement, emphasising the brand's dedication to cralling favours thal resonale with consumers worldwide. The recognition of Prasuma's quinlessentially Indian streel snack, the humble Momo, on the world stage is a lestament to the brand's unwavering commilment to quality and taste. Prasuma's meliculous sourcing of the best quality ingredients directly from farms or regions renowned for their produce ensures thal every item on their menu tastes fresh and mouthwateringly Lasly. Global Recognition for Prasuma's Culinary Craftsmanship Prasuma's products underwent rigorous evaluation by distinguished chefs from over 20 countries, who assessed them on paramelers such as first impression, vision, olfaction, laste, and texlure. This esteemed panel of judges, including chels from Michelin Star restaurants and culinary experts serving Presidents. Prime Ministers, and Royalty, recognised Prasuma's dedication to culinary excellence and innovation. Decades of Dedication to Quality With over 38 years of expertise, Prasuma has become synonymous with quality and excellence in the food industry. Aller pioneering the fresh & chilled deli meats and ready to cook momos sector in India, Prasuma consistently establishes new benchmarks, driven by their passion for crealing delightful culinary offerings. Crafting Exceptional Culinary Experiences Prasuma's philosophy centres around a family of passionale food enthusiasts dedicaled to experimenting with the finest ingredients and recipes. Whether it's recipes passed down through generations of innovative crealions from recent kitchen experiments, Prasuma strives to bring the best of the best to the evolving Indian consumer, making every day delicious. Prasuma's achievement at the International Taste Institule not only showcases the brand's commilment to excellence but also elevates Indian cuisine on the global stage. Through their dedication to qualily. innovation, and culinary craftsmanship. Prasuma continues to redefine the culinary landscape, delighting consumers with exceptional flavours and experiences. source-(


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