The Best High Risk Merchant Account Providers of 2024

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blog details: eMerchant Authority's website discusses high-risk merchant account providers, catering to businesses facing financial, regulatory, or reputational risk in the digital realm. eMerchant works on reasons for a business being labelled high-risk, including industry type, business history, financial stability, and e-commerce challenges. eMerchant highlights industries requiring high-risk merchant accounts, provides a comparison between low-risk and high-risk accounts, and offers insights into factors affecting risk status, & most importantly providing solutions to all! There are four main high-risk merchant account providers: Square, Durango Merchant Services, SMB Global, and Soar Payments. Each review by eMerchant includes information on features, compatibility, pricing, and suitability for specific business types. With eMerchant Authority's commitment to providing unbiased information and a brief FAQ section addressing common queries about high-risk merchant accounts.


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