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blog details: The United Nation’s theme for 2024 Women Day is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’. In the Indian boxing scene, Mary Kom is revered as the Boxing Queen. Olympic bronze medallist in 2012 and five-time world champion. That was when women's boxing was included in the Olympic sport programme for the first time. Mary hails from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur. Her parents were landless agricultural laborers. Her life narrative is unique in that it revolves round her endless struggle and immense love for boxing. Mary had to work hard from an early age, thus her body was that of a trained athlete. She had a strong will and an indomitable spirit. The boxing ring was Mary's arena. She has not given up the sport yet. Her book, Adamya Mary Kom as it stands now is an honest account of everything about her. Occasionally a challenging upbringing, other times a rebellious mindset. The tale of receiving a surprise marriage proposal has also come up. It's an amazing tale of how Mary broke through in the boxing profession, which was controlled by men. The narrative of Mary Kom is one of the impossibilities. Playing the game of self-assertion against all the obstacles in a world dominated by men is not easy for a woman. Mary prevailed in the battle. The protagonist of Satkahan is a fearless, unique girl named Deepa—Deepavali, whose name alone implies revolt against darkness and evil. Deepa is a girl who seems to be in a perpetual state of struggle, with colourful events happening all around her. The novel begins with a backdrop with picturesque tea plantations, lots of greenery and Angravasa River of North Bengal. A vivid picture of fifties Calcutta and its suburbs, co-education colleges, girls' hostels, coffee houses, contemporary student-movement and political background, all-India working environment and adversity emerges gradually. Samaresh Majumder's long, well-conceived, well-structured novel, Satkahan, will be unforgettable for portraying a vivid, continuous picture of the perseverance, determination and struggle of women in their efforts to achieve the goal of independence in post-independence Bengali life. Interested readers can avail the anand publication books, from the online Bengali bookstore,

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