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blog details: Contact Address: 42 N Sutter St #310F, Stockton, CA 95202 Phone: 916-399-5707 About US: If you would like exceptional circulation and air flow in a room, look no further than double hung windows. These windows are equipped with two sashes that can be opened simultaneously. While the top sash can be lowered to draw out warm air from the ceiling, the bottom one can be raised to pull in cool air from the outdoors. As you know, the new is the well-forgotten old. English lifting windows or double/single hung windows were invented back in 1670 and are now experiencing a rebirth. Why is this design good and is it suitable for our latitudes? In contrast to the ordinary systems, opening in such models occurs by displacement of the sash of the block. It is still popular in the USA and Great Britain and today double hung replacement windows continues to spread as a mainstream in Europe. Double hung windows are the type of windows, the design of which includes an external frame and two internal sashes. Windows with such paneling have a strict classical look, which corresponds to their nature. In order to open double hung vinyl windows, you need to move one of the doors in the vertical direction, and then fix it with special latches. As a rule, the lower part of the window is made movable, while the upper part does not open. The movement is carried out by means of special grooves in the frame and the corresponding guides in the moving part. The guides can be made both in the form of rollers, and also work on the sliding principle. To facilitate opening, the blocks are equipped with special counterweights that compensate for part of the load when the sash is lifted.

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