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blog details: In recent years, robotic surgery has revolutionized knee replacement procedures, providing precision and enhancing recovery outcomes. At the forefront of this technological advancement is Dr. Anoop Jhurani, who offers comprehensive knee and hip replacement services in Jaipur, India. • Kinematic Alignment Knee Replacement: Dr. Jhurani utilizes Kinematic Alignment to position knee replacements with exceptional accuracy. This personalized method restores the natural joint lines and rotational axes, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients. By focusing on individual anatomy, Kinematic Alignment promotes better joint function and longevity of the replacement. • Robotic Knee Replacement: Robotic knee replacement surgery has become a reality in Jaipur, thanks to Dr. Jhurani's expertise. The use of robotic technology in knee replacements ensures precise movements during surgery, which is crucial for procedures requiring exceptional precision. This technology enhances the accuracy of implant placement, leading to improved patient outcomes and faster recovery times. • Partial Knee Replacement: For patients with arthritis confined to a single compartment of the knee, a robotic partial knee replacement is a highly effective solution. Dr. Jhurani’s center in Jaipur is one of the leading facilities offering robotic partial knee replacement. This minimally invasive procedure involves smaller incisions, preserving the healthy parts of the knee and ensuring a quicker recovery. • Total Knee Replacement: Total knee replacement surgery demands precision and perfection, both of which are achieved through robotic assistance. Dr. Jhurani, one of the most experienced knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur, utilizes robotic technology to perform these surgeries with the highest level of accuracy, resulting in excellent patient outcomes and long-lasting results. • Bilateral Knee Replacement: For patients requiring both knees to be replaced, robotic and computer-assisted surgery offers a safe and effective solution. This approach ensures perfect alignment and balance, providing the best results when performing bilateral knee replacements simultaneously. Patients benefit from shorter recovery times and improved joint function. • Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery: Dr. Jhurani employs computer-assisted surgery to achieve the best knee replacement results. This technology helps in accurately aligning the patient's bones and implants, ensuring ligament balancing and a better range of motion. Patients can typically return to their normal activities within 4-6 weeks post-surgery. • Hip Replacement Surgery: Dr. Jhurani specializes in hip replacement surgery for both young and elderly patients. Using the latest ceramic implants, he ensures full functionality and improved quality of life post-surgery. His expertise in hip replacement provides patients with reliable and long-lasting results. • Revision Hip & Knee Surgery: Revision surgery for hip and knee replacements is a complex procedure that requires specialized skills. Dr. Jhurani excels in performing revision surgeries using the latest technology and reliable implants. His meticulous approach ensures the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing redo or revision hip and knee surgeries. Conclusion Dr. Anoop Jhurani's extensive experience and dedication to utilizing the latest robotic and computer-assisted technologies make him one of the best knee and hip replacement surgeons in Jaipur, India. His commitment to patient care, precision in surgical techniques, and innovative approaches ensure that patients receive the highest quality of treatment and achieve excellent outcomes in their joint replacement journeys.

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