Our AI made a healthcare company hire a best consumer goods marketing star

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blog address: https://grapheneai.com/ai-made-healthcare-company-hire-marketing-star/

blog details: One of the healthcare companies had launched a premium vaccine in Asia, and despite doubling their spending on healthcare provider’s marketing, they had seen no shift in vaccine updates and sales. Our AI found unique segments of patients who were eligible for these vaccines. It further found that affluent patients who could afford these premium vaccines did not trust the healthcare companies. Our AI showed that friends, digital media, and search were the major factors that influenced these patients. Conversely, the patients who were being encouraged by the healthcare companies to purchase these vaccines were not affluent and could not afford them. Recommendations are drivers for patients, while barriers for patients are the price, negative experiences through word of mouth, and the lack of advantage compared to cheaper alternatives. Our client used our AI study to shift a significant portion of the marketing budgets to patient marketing instead of healthcare companies’ marketing and hired a top gun marketing talent from a well-known consumer goods company to spearhead their patient marketing.


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