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blog details: High performance, CE Marked, Premium Ophthalmic Sponges Range An opportunity to enhance your ophthalmic surgical outcomes In procedures that call for meticulous handling of delicate ocular tissues (LASIK surgery for eg.), optimal surgical outcomes are ensured by using the most appropriate fluid management products. If you value efficiency, quality & precision in your ophthalmic surgical procedures, you need look no further than the Uzeonce Opthalmic Sponge Products. UzeOnce Sponge Products, with their superior material properties – enhanced absorption capacity, soft & non-abrasive surface, and biocompatibility - set the benchmark for what Fluid Management products ought to be. The sponge material is crafted through a proprietary polymerization process, ensuring that each UzeOnce sponge has the ability to retain shape and structure, even when fully saturated. UzeOnce Opthalmic Sponge Products are now certified for CE Marking under EU MDR 2017/745. Key Properties of UzeOnce - Ophthalmic Sponges • High Absorption Capacity: UzeOnce ophthalmic sponge absorb & wick fluids efficiently, making them ideal for keeping the surgical field clear & controlling bleeders. • Soft: The sponge texture is soft & gentle on delicate eye tissues. • Lint free: The material does not shed lint, fibres or particles - a crucial property for preventing post-surgical complications. • Shape Retention: UzeOnce Opthalmic sponges maintain their shape even when wet, providing reliable performance during intricate manoeuvres. • Sterility: UzeOnce sponge products are supplied sterile (SAL 10-6), ensuring that they meet the strict standards required in ophthalmic surgery. Uzeonce Ophthalmic Sponge Range 1. PVA Sponge Spears Uzeonce PVA Sponge Spears are specialized arrow-shaped devices, mounted on highly flexible plastic handles, designed for use in Refractive, Corneal, Cataract, Retinal & Glaucoma Procedures. 2. PVA Sponge Points Uzeonce PVA Sponge Points are specialized arrow-sponge pieces, without any plastic handle. They are very economical to use & can be used in all ophthalmic procedures 3. Instrument Wipe The Uzeonce Instrument Wipe are thin, square PVA Sponge Pieces that are used to clean instrument tips & points. The lint free material ensures that the instruments are efficiently cleaned without leaving any particles or fibres. 4. Corneal Light Shield The Uzeonce Corneal Sheild are thin, round disc of PVA Sponge that are placed over the cornea to protect the internal ocular tissues from exposure to operating light source. The soft, lint free material is an effective light shield while being gentle on the corneal tissues. 5. Eye Wick The Uzeonce Eye Wick is a long, thin piece of PVA sponge that is used for continuous evacuation of fluid from the operative field, keeping it clear & free of liquids. 6. Absorbent Stick The Uzeonce Absorbent Stick is a cylindrical shaped device made of lint free cellulose material. It is highly economical, lint free sponge product with very high absorption capacity. It is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of ophthalmic procedures. Why UzeOnce Opthalmic Sponge Products? • High Quality Product Highly absorbent, fast wicking, soft sponge material that is biocompatible and comes with 100% assurance of performance & sterility. • Reduced risk of contamination Uzeonce Opthalmic sponge products are designed to be lint free, minimizing the risk of fibres of foreign particles entering the eye, thereby reducing the potential for contamination and post-operative complications. • Improved Patient Outcomes Uzeonce sponge products are designed to keep the surgical field clear under variety of conditions, enabling the surgeon to perform at higher efficiencies resulting in improved patient outcomes • Certified, Assured Quality UzeOnce Sponge products are certified for CE Marking as per the stringent EU MDR 2017/745 requirements. The manufacturing unit is ISO 13485:2016 certified. • Unmatched Economy Uzeonce Sponge Products are very economical and pocket friendly. Some variants (eg. PVA Sponge Points, Absorbent Sticks) are designed to provide high performance products at a very affordable price point. OEM Brands, Procedure Pack Manufacturers, Kit Packers Our high quality, certified ophthalmic sponge products are also available in bulk packing (sterile or non-sterile) for use by Procedure/Kit Pack manufacturers & OEM brand owners. For more enquiries regarding OEM/Procedure feel free to contact us from here. Website: https://ophtechnicsunlimited.com/product-category/sponge-products/ Phone No.: +91-90-6262-3636 Email: info@ophtechnicsunlimited.com

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