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blog details: Hey guys, whats up? I hope you guys are not enjoying the outdoors as all gamers do and are spending most of your time on the PC, because after this review I will give you even more reasons to spend much more hours indoors. Yes, I am the most wanted guy by the gamers parents and girlfriends. Yet, you have to admit I am kind of your undercover super hero who brings you the best of the best. We are going to discuss the best free RPG games for PC now. So, let`s take a closer look again on why you guys love me.
1- Runescape:
A Windows XP and the Java latest update are the only thing that you need to run this old school amazing game. This is something that you dont find in newly nowadays released games.Yeap, thats true, this game is a classic and it is still popular and also running smooth, all the credit goes to both the dedicated community as well as the game developers. Even though later versions were released for this classic, Runescape2 &Runescape 3, still the original one has nearly the same followers as the other two.Go on quests, choose from a wide variety of available weapons and upgrades.This fantasy game that is brought to you by Jagex is a fine piece of art. 2- Neverwinter:
Now that is a superior add on to any gamers games library. This online game, will amaze you with its amazing graphics and let me tell you this straight, I will assure you that it will keep you sitting at the very end of your chair during playing. This virtual world is filled with dragons and dungeons, it is known for being a fast paced game and I wont be exaggerating if I told you that you have to pay a close attention to every step you take, because stepping with the wrong foot can simply means your death. Have I mentioned that this game is compatible both with PC and game consoles such as Xbox? On the other hand, the dark side of this is you have to pay 60 USD for it.But still worth it from my own point of view.
3- Star Wars: The old republic: Well as a start, this game isn`t a free to play one, but I really need to stress on the fact that this game is really worth the monthly subscription. Outstanding graphics as you can see and an awesome game play. What else do you expect from Star Wars? No need for further talking, just try it yourself. Best free RPG games for PC ยป , those were the ones that were previously reviewed. Some gamers may disagree with some of the choices, others may disagree with the whole list even, but the majority of gamers do agree with the list. Different categories and

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