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blog details: Where I forget is the word that we often use in our daily life. Our life is too much busy these days. Every day we lost our belongings. When we go outside we forget our belongings there. After some time when we realize that we lost our precious things it becomes a greater headache for us. We want to get back these lost things. At that time we feel so much depressed how to search for our lost belongings. Similarly when we go at some public places like in parks or other crowdy places like railways platforms, airports, bus stands etc we often lost our things like baggage, mobile phones, wallets, books, documents etc. or even some times we lost living beings like our pets or our humans also. What should be done in these situations? We all are busy these days so no one have time to look for lost things. Because it wastes our time and we have no idea where to find the lost belongings. That thing that we lost is any like baggage, mobile phones, wallets, books, documents, keys, gadgets etc. When you go out of you home and saw a thing in the park without his owner. What you think at that time. You want to return that thing to their owner. What no means how to get contacted with that particular owner? For these types of situations we are dedicated to develop an application that provides you a way to find your lost belongings easily. Here is the place where you can search for your lost belongings like baggage, mobile phones, wallets, books, documents, keys, gadgets etc. Even if you can search here for your lost living beings like for your lost pets or even for lost humans you can make search here. We also remove the problem when you find out other’s belongings anywhere. Here you can easily help others by returning their belongings back to them. Where I forget is the world provides you a place where you can easily contact with the owner of the thing. Now if you found other’s belongings you just have to click the picture and upload it onto the where I forget world. You really feel happy to help others. It also gives you the ability to search by location and date. To make searching process easy here you can make search by category. This application is easily available on Google play store and Apple app store. This is user friendly application that is very easy to use. This is the application that is helpful for both founder and the person that lost his thing. You also feel happy to help others. Helping others is today is great worship these days.

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