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blog details: It is the very difficult situation when we lost our belongings and we have no idea where we lost it. As we know that when we go outside our home often we are in great hurry. In this hurry it is normal thing that we lost our belongings here and there. After some time when we realize that we need that particular thing. At that time we make look for it but we do not find it anywhere. Actually we lost it somewhere. We have no idea where we lost it. We think about the place where we are with that thing at the last moment. But we have no idea where we forget the thing. The things that people lost in their daily lives are like phone, watch, keys, wallet, documents, gadgets, baggage etc. after we realize that our thing is lost somewhere we feel so much depressed. We make call to our friends and relatives. But no results found. We make report in the concerned departments. Actually we want some quick and easy way to make search for our lost belongings. No one of us have enough time to make search for our lost belongings. We also know that the things that we lost or forget are also found by some one at some other place. But that person has no way to directly contact with us. It also happens with us that when we go out of our home sometimes we found things without any owner. You got a wallet at the road side. What do you do at that moment? You want to return this to its owner but do not have an idea how to get contacted with that particular person to whom this thing belongs too. In spite of things people also lost living beings like pets or humans also. Now you have no need to worry about your lost belongings any More. We provide you relief by enabling you to make online search for your lost belongings. Where I forget is the dedicated application for you where you can easily make search for your lost belongings like lost documents, lost wallet, and lost gadgets, lost baggage, lost jewelry etc. instead of these things you can also search here for lost living beings like lost pets or humans also. Where I forget is the place that is beneficial for the both persons one who lost his thing and the founder of the thing? You found anything no need to worry just click its picture and paste it on to the where I forget world. The concerned person contacts you directly with where I forget application. So be a responsible person of society by helping others in finding their lost things.

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