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blog details: We all are experienced with the day when we lost our most precious thing anywhere. We have no idea where we lost it. Actually today’s life is too much busy. In this too much busy life we often forget our belongings here and there. At that time we have no idea about the thing. After some time we realize that we lost it somewhere. But the problem is that we have no idea where we lost it. We make search here and there. We call our friends and relatives to know that if we forget it at there premises. But no results found. We report in the concerned departments. But these all processing is slow. We want some quick and easy way with which we can make search for our lost belongings. The things that we forget or lost in our normal life are like wallet, documents, keys, watch, baggage, gadgets etc. Even some times when we go out of our home we lost living beings like pets or humans. We have no idea where we can make search for them. We feel so much depressed at that time do not know what to do. We know that the things that people lost somewhere are also found by someone at some other place. But the problem is that person has no way how to get contacted with the owner of the thing. It also happens with us that when we go out side we often found some things without their owner. We want to return these things back to their owner. But we have no idea how to contact with that particular person. To solve all these kind of problems we are here for you. Where I forget is the dedicated application that helps you to make online search for your lost belongings like lost watch, lost keys, lost baggage, lost gadgets, lost documents, lost jewelry etc. in spite of things you can also make search for lost living beings like lost pets or lost humans. You can make search here by location and date. For simplify the searching process you can make search in the appropriate category. This application provides benefits to both the persons the one who lost his things and the one that found it somewhere. This is like a central platform where both the persons can directly interact with each other. You have no need to worry if you found something somewhere. Click the picture of the thing that you found paste it on to the where I forget world. The concerned person automatically contacts you. Where I forget application enables you to make others happy by helping them in finding out their belongings.

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