I'm All In: Riveting Poker Facts

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blog details: Poker goes back a long long way. It has such an intriguing history that you’ll be amazed to learn these not so famous facts.


  • 20 Cards were used to play Poker
The most common form of early poker was played with a 20-card deck and four players. Players were dealt five cards and then bet on who had the best hand. The first documented mention of playing with a 52-card deck is from 1834.
  • Longest Poker game in the History
  Yes it’s astonishing but true!! The Longest Poker game in the history, starting in the year 1881, this game lasted for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. Hosted in Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona, this tourney required $1000 buy-in and featured several legendary Old West personalities. 
  • World Series of Poker Debut
  The year was 1970, and the place was Las Vegas. A handful of hot shot players assembled to go head to head to determine the first world champion poker player. Unlike ensuing years when the winner has been decided by a freeze-out tournament, the first was decided by voting...Know more about- I'm All In: Riveting Poker Facts

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