Crisis Management in the Hyper Connected World

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blog details: The digitalization of the world has set a bunch of new challenges to tackle crisis these days. Companies today are keeping themselves armed with quick ways and means to address the issues that can become crisis in future. When a crisis hits a company the very first question that comes in everybody’s mind is “Who is their PR Agency”. From that moment itself the agency’s image is also in stake as much as the company’s. And in the kind of hyper connected we are living in today where everything is away just a click. Crises are just anticipating to erupt and spread like a wildfire. In today’s world of hyper connectivity the momentum with which a crisis explodes is jaw dropping. Therefore it is important for PR agencies to recognize crisis and be equipped with resources to tackle the crisis. The quality and speed of a organization’s response is what makes all the difference. Once can also not neglect the need of an active crisis management plan which encompasses the details of how to communicate with media, stakeholders and government. Here are few steps that communicators can take for successful crisis management in today’s hyper connected world. Think outside in – Always remember that the media and others are interested in what customers and stakeholders are saying instead what the company wants to say. Thinking this way will ensure that the correct messages are received by the outside world in crisis. The information/messages at the time of crisis should always come from the organization first instead of anywhere else. Be alert all the times. Keep a check on all the social media platforms to gauge the digital crisis. Strong groundwork ensures effective and quick crisis response. Always keep your key stakeholders and important people in loop and seek their inputs as well. If a stakeholder receives queries from media he/she should be on the same track as you. And the most important is to respond to the crisis situation wisely instead of reacting to it. The author of this opinion article is Ms. Prerna Dalakoti at PR Professionals

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