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blog details: All good things come to an end in relationships, they say. But is it true? Today we will try to delve upon this by trying to reach on a consensus on whether long term relationships are better than causal affairs or ‘flings’ as they are called. Now, we all know modern lifestyles demand lots of working hours, professional pressures, hectic schedules and nearly no time for love. Even married couples, who are working, find it difficult to spend quality time with each other, given their busy lives. There is work, there is home, kids and families to manage. When we talk about individuals who are not married, having a romantic relationship becomes even more difficult. As a result flings emerged as a convenient, if that is not an entirely inappropriate word to use, way to gratify those sexual urges and get rid of the loneliness that accompanies your ‘single’ status. Most folks find it easy to have a short affair rather than go through the emotional upheavals of long-term commitment.

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