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blog details: Welcome to the digital world! Hundreds of smartphone applications have been developed lately to ensure an easier way of living. Quick and easy access to information on a day to day basis has become possible through these user friendly apps. Apps that define your health status, apps that help you book a taxi to work, apps that offer house cleaning services, apps for booking salon appointments or even track timings of the next train! The list is endless, but there are surely many apps by various digital marketing agency in Dubai that help make your life in Dubai much easier for a daily travel routine. The UAE government has supported this cause of going digital and started an initiative called m-government that makes most of the public services available through mobile phones. Here are few apps developed by Dubai government to make lives hassle free and stress free in Dubai. Apply for Online Visa : Application for Visas have now got easier through apply for online visa app. This system has been developed in the recent years to avoid delay in applications and inconvenience caused by the system. This has been launched by Emirates to ensure that travelers get their visas within 4 working days and they travel without any aggravations. This has helped in making Dubai, one of the top most travel destinations and this app also plays a great role in over the counter visa-related process. myDXB : This is one app for citizens flying in and out of Dubai. They can check various flight details, various cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, bars, smoking lounges and what not at all 3 terminals in at the Dubai Airport. This indeed helps a passenger navigate around these huge terminals easily and also helps check their flight details. iDubai : This is an app that’s based on municipal services offered by Dubai Government. It notifies the users about any services availed from civic body. The app gives a street view map of the city and asks for feedback about its employees. One can also avail a list of pharmacies in the entire city and avail GPS and street panoramas. It is a great way of knowing about municipal employees and training them accordingly. mParking : An app that makes your parking and payment easy. Download this app and you can pay for your parking via cellphone. All you got to do is add your vehicle number, parking area number and the time span for parking (number of hours). You can also view your parking history by a week, a month or a year. RTA : It’s an app that provides details of train, bus or water buses. Gives details of many interesting places across Dubai. One can also book a cab by just giving details like your name, contact number, address for pick up and destination address. You can also get details and directions of metro stations, rules, fines and other details provided by the government in the Metro2 app. It is an app that is all in one with rich features related to transport. Dewa : This is a wonderful app that helps you pay your utility bills like electricity, sewage, water, cooling and other charges. This can be done with help of Dewa account number at various locations of payment centers. It is a great app for sorting out your bills on the go. The list is endless, so are the features in these apps. Make your life hassle free by installing these apps and support the digital system that Dubai Government has set for your convenience with help of search engine marketing and digital marketing in Dubai.

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