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blog details: Walking canes are becoming a highly popular fashion item for both men and women. They add an air of distinction to any outfit. It’s why so many men and women across the country are now buying walking canes from the top manufacturers across the country. In this article, leading Canadian walking can manufacturer, Luxury Walking Canes highlights the factors to consider when buying walking canes for men and women this year. Durability Durability is a leading consideration when buying walking canes. The product must be designed based on the latest quality standards. It’s important that the cane is built with a carbon fiber shaft, as carbon fiber material provides a high level of resilience to ensure optimal durability for the years to come. By speaking with the manufacturer, buyers can find the ideal cane with the highest level of durability for their usage needs. Sizing Another key element when purchasing walking canes for men and women is sizing. It’s the reason that it’s so important to work with a trusted manufacturer when buying walking canes. Only the leading manufacturers in Canada can size the product correctly for the individual and ensure it meets their functionality needs no matter where they’ll be using their cane. Sizing a walking cane requires the specialist to work directly with the cane user and make sure that their measurement is taken correctly before the cane is built. Style The style of both the shaft of the walking cane and the handle are critical considerations when assessing cane style. Buyers must ensure that each element of the cane fits their style and comfort needs. And there is a broad array of stylish options available on the marketplace today, to suit all fashion tastes. Consider for example the Benatia from Luxury Walking Canes. The Benatia’s handle is designed with a rich blend of silver plated material and faux ivory to provide a level of style not captured by any other cane product on the market today. The cane comes with an Italian handcrafted designer handle. The Benatia also comes replete with a durable carbon fiber-wrapped shaft for resolute performance over many years. This is just one example of the many quality, stylish canes available to buyers. By working with market specialists, buyers can find the sizing, style, and level of durability they require from their ideal cane. It’s a process that requires significant guidance. To learn more on the factors to consider when buying walking canes for men and women, speak with the team at Luxury Walking Canes directly via 1 647 223 8885 or visit their business website at

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