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blog details: A Maldives surf trip, can probably be the surf trip of your life. You want to make sure that you choose right, you want to book with someone who is specialized in Maldives, not with some tutti-frutti surf travel website that is just sell everything to everybody. At Maldivessurftravel they are not like that, they are focused on organizing surf trip just in the Maldives. They don’t do anything else. Don’t get distracted with Mentawai, Indonesia, etc. They get good rates because they deal directly with the Maldives boat owners. And they pass on the good rates to you. They have luxury private charters as well as open economy boats; you get all the possibilities to choose depending on your budget. And they have resorts as well. Maybe you want to combine one week on a boat plus one week on a resort. When on a surf boat you can very easily see dolphins while on the boat and from the line up when you are waiting for the next set of surfing waves. The waves in Maldives are usually less critical than in Indonesia, but they are not for beginners, we are talking of reef surfing. You need to be at least an intermediate surfer. The water colors have all kind of turquoise colors and keep changing all the time depending on whether there is sunshine, the time of the day, if there are some clouds, or if it is raining. The colors change as well very fast at sunrise and sunset times. A Maldives surf trip is a close as you can get to heaven on earth. Not just because of the waves, the sensations are equally important, openness, peace, blue of the sky, blue of the sea, in short, total freedom, the memories will stay with you the rest of your life, many years after, so although a Maldives surf trip does not come cheap, you will think is the money best spent of your life. Find more information about Maldives surf trip please visit

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