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blog details: There are all kinds of resorts in the Maldives. They usually are located on an atoll just for the resort; sometimes several resorts share an atoll. Budget is not the only consideration; you have to consider your surfing ability and the time you choose for your surf adventures in the Maldives. The swell keeps changing and the surfing conditions change, sometimes is better to surf in an atoll, and sometimes is better to surf in another atoll. Sometimes the surf can be too big or too small for you in a given atoll, and is better to go somewhere else to get some waves. Some resorts have private surf breaks. You have private surf breaks that belong to the resort just for the resort guest, you leave your room with your board and you catch your waves, and can even have a beer coming back from the surf. It is fine staying in a resort but you have to go on a surf boat as well, otherwise you will be missing part of the surf adventure in Maldives. When you go with a surf boat you have a different perspective, you approach the surf breaks from the outside. Sometimes there are dolphins following the boat, you really feel like you are in paradise. In paradise thanks to the dolphins, thanks to the thousand of different turquoise colors in the water, to the incredible snorkeling and diving on a flat day or after surf. The colors in the water keep changing all the time, even a passing cloud can provoke dramatic variations in a matter of minutes. The Maldives is a place that is unique in the world. Find more information about Maldives surf resorts please visit

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