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blog details: Maldives is a world class surf travel destination, but it is a good idea to do it with specialists who know very well what they are selling. The surf condition changes during the season and the best place to surf is different according to swell patterns and many other factors. Then there is your surfing ability and find the right wave for you. You may find that a break is too big or too small for you a given day, and is better to go to another break or atoll. The Maldives is not as critical as surfing in Indonesia, but you need to be at least an intermediate surfer, we are talking of surfing in reef here. The guys at Maldivessurftravel only do surf and only do Maldives, this is a complex enough subject as to divide energies with more things like Indonesia, the Mentawai, etc! So the guys at maldivessurftravel concentrate 100% on the Maldives. It is very important that you deal with specialist in the Maldives surf travel. Usually the best surf travel adventure to Maldives is to divide your stay one week on a boat, one week in a resort. On the boat sometimes you eat meals with fresh fish fished from the boat by the boat crew, fresher impossible. Isn’t it incredible that you are in paradise eating fish so fresh, so recently fished? While on the boat, you see the dolphins all the time while on the boat and when surfing as well, they are everywhere. However after a week on a boat, you probably will prefer to change to a resort, as you have more options, more space, more options. Find more information about Maldives surf travel please visit

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