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blog details: Dentist Doveton Services of Totally Teeth 1)Replacing your teeth To replace a missing teeth these are some of the steps includes a)Dental implants Artificial tooth that is submerged into the jawbone this is called by the name dental implants. b)Partial Dentures To replace the missing teeth and help them to maintain function and aesthetics,because of this totally teeth offering a chrome cobalt(cast metal)partial dentures. c)Bridges Bridgework works like a series of connected crowns,replacing missing teeth by closing the gap and it is using the surrounding teeth as abutments. 2)Looking After your teeth During first and initial examination,which usually takes 45 minutes.Here the process to check of your whole mouth is carried out. Dentist Hallam 3)Repairing your Teeth a)White Fillings A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore the decayed teeth. b)Crowns Crowns become necessary when there is a insufficient tooth structure to support a filling. 4)Cosmetic Dentistry Some of the more common procedures involve : a)Bonding Tooth colored material is used to close gaps or change the tooth color this is called the bonding procedure. b)Venners Here thin tooth coloured porcelain or composite that are bonded to the front of one or more teeth. 5)Whitening your Teeth 6)Straightening your Teeth 7)Your child's Teeth.

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