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blog details: Treatment for Glaucoma in India Glaucoma Treatment India is for people who are suffering from the cause of blindness. Glaucoma is a common disease of the eye which leads to the dysfunction of the drainage system of the eye. Glaucoma affects both the eyes, though one eye can have more serious symptoms than the other. In many cases, the glaucoma is linked with higher pressure as compared to the normal pressure inside the eye. If the condition of glaucoma is not treated timely, then it can cause peripheral vision loss first and later on it results in total blindness. Glaucoma Surgery India The Glaucoma Surgery India is done to decrease the pressure inside the eye. There are some examples of the Glaucoma Surgery India: • Drainage Implants: The Glaucoma Surgery India is used for those people who already have secondary glaucoma. With the help of tiny silicone tube, the Glaucoma Surgery India is done for the children also to drain the fluids out from the eye. • Trabeculoplasty: To easily drain out the fluids from inside the eye it requires a high energy laser beam which is used to unclog the drainage canals. The surgical procedure of Glaucoma Surgery India reduces the inner eye pressure. • Filtering Surgery: When the high-beam laser energy of trabeculectomy procedure does not work then the filtering procedure of Glaucoma Surgery India is needed. • Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma: The Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma Surgery India is treated as a serious medical emergency and it requires immediate medicine to reduce the use of pressure. With the help of laser procedure, a small hole is created in the iris. Signs of Glaucoma • Blurred hazy vision • Double vision • Sudden loss of vision in one eye • Change the color of iris • Dry eyes with burning or itching • Difficulty in focusing on distant or near objects • Blinking or squinting of the eye Glaucoma Treatment India The aim of the Glaucoma Surgery India is to reduce the pressure inside the eye. The Glaucoma Surgery India includes making a drainage flap in the eye, which is responsible for destroying the tissue. The different Glaucoma Surgery India are performed to cure the vision of the patient- • Conventional surgery • Drainage implants • Laser surgery Medications: To reduce the intraocular pressure a large number of medications are used. If these medicines are not helping in reducing the pressure the Glaucoma Surgery India surgeon may change your medication. Benefits of Glaucoma Surgery India • The Laser Glaucoma Surgery India is useful to reduce the IOP (Intraocular pressure). • The lower pressure of IOP depends on upon age, race, the type of glaucoma and type of laser surgery. • The main benefit of Glaucoma Surgery India is in the long-term control of IOP. Glaucoma Surgery Cost in India The Glaucoma Surgery Cost in India is affordable as compared to other developing countries in the world. The trabeculectomy procedure is the best procedure with an increasing trend toward the glaucoma drainage devices. All the hospitals in India are using the new advanced laser Glaucoma Surgery India which helps to reduce the IOP pressure in the eye. For more information on the Glaucoma Treatment India send us your detailed medical history at

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