5 Tips to Save Money When You Travel Overseas These Summer Holidays

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blog details: Travelling overseas is an expensive affair especially when the rush is in its peak in the summer holidays. At this time, saving money is a priority, whether by planning your trip judiciously or identifying the best foreign exchange platform like BookMyForex.com. With its presence in over ??? cities (How many cities), if you are looking at foreign exchange in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru or anywhere else, this is the best online platform for you.

Money exchange in Noida is just a click away and can even be delivered at your doorstep. It doesn't get easier than this, does it?

Here is what you can do to save money on your overseas vacation this summer:

Buy cheap forex : Foreign exchange in Noida, Delhi or any of the major cities becomes easier with online platforms like BookMyForex. Look out for their 'Zero Margin Offer’ if you are planning a long vacation, as under this offer, currency notes, traveler's cheques or travel cards of US$1million or more are free of margins and provided to you at the interbank rates.

Use a local SIM card : International roaming can really burn a large hole in your pocket. So, look for local pre paid SIM cards of low value that will keep you connected throughout your trip.

Ditch the flight, take the train : If you are looking at travelling within a country, look out for overnight trains. This will save the money you spend on the night stay at a hotel and will be cheaper than air tickets as well.

Rent a car : Moving around a location in a cab will always be expensive. Instead, get yourself an international driving license before leaving and rent a car when abroad.

Buy duty-free alcohol : Instead of buying alcohol from the hotel or the local country shop, it is better to stock up your alcohol quota at the airport, duty free!

To know more about how to do money exchange in Noida at guaranteed best rates, visit https://www.bookmyforex.com/currency-exchange/noida or call 09212219191.

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