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blog details: Archery information Archery is a very attractive sport to practice. Archery has ever started in the Middle Ages as a form of hunting. In 2016, it is no longer allowed to hunt with a bow, except for some areas in the United States. Archery is fun for young and old. What is very important in any case, is a good-quality arc. The equipment is also vital in archery. So you can think of hand protection, chest, and arms. There is a high strength to be his bow during the shooting, and sometimes the string can fold back against body parts. A visor can be useful if you want to focus more precisely. Finally arrows of course indispensable. Please be at the archery note that this is a weapon. You would not be the first who experienced an accident while practicing your hobby. So have always safety first and take a good look around you before you shoot. In this article, we will give you the information of two most common types of bow. Compound bow Here I like to introduce you to a unique bow: The compound bow. The compound bow was developed in 1967 by the American Holless Allen. This arc is substantially different than the other arches which we have already talked about. This bow is in fact used a special technique to ensure that you can shoot faster and farther along. The best compound bows makes use of a system of cables and pulleys which help with bending of the slats. These slats are, moreover, much stiffer than that of other arches. This ensures that they can contain more energy and so you can continue shooting. The central piece of the bow is usually made of a very light material such as magnesium or carbon. Through the use of pulleys at the top, and bottom of the arc it will be a lot tighter tensioned up to 1.5 to 2x tougher. By the arc of the slats pull varies but may be up to 40 kilograms. The effect is that you can shoot faster and farther. This is obviously useful, for example, chase fast animals. However, this arc is primarily designed to be able to participate in the competition. It is also used in various international tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship and the World Championship. Unfortunately, only allowed the recurve bow at the Asian championships and the Olympics. It is not easy to learn to shoot with the bow, the increased tension on the show is that you must train well for this. It is therefore not advisable to start with this arc. It is better suited for advanced shooters.


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