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blog details: There is a white rose and a red rose in every man's heart.White roses are moonlight in front of the bed.Red rose is the vermilion mole of the heart, sexy enchanting, wild and unrestrained.Men want their wives to be virtuous and gentle, but the reality is cruel after all. After searching, they can only declare that "gentle and virtuous and passionate can not coexist".In fact, every woman has her own little universe in her body, as long as the man is clever enough, found a suitable "magic weapon", and even the demure women can go wild. Buy her a pair of sexy lingerie.Using clothes as props is a good way to help sex.It can stimulate both men and women's sexual fantasy, see different beauty, sex is also a different flavor ah. At present, popular sex appeal dress includes nurse's dress, maid's dress and the corset of medieval style.In addition, stockings, suspenders socks, and so on, are considered by men as "extremely lethal sexual temptation props." Don't laugh at her new attempt It's easy for girls to be shy, and it's not so easy to buy sex from purity.In fact, this kind of heart can be overcome, so it is necessary to give her enough sense of security, comfort and strong desire before letting her wear sexy underwear.And don't laugh at her new attempts during sex, or she'll just give up.Be true to the compliment, but don't cross the line, and if the woman feels uncomfortable, stop right away.The key to this is simply to communicate more often, because most of the magic comes from the mundane. Break her sexual taboo If your wife is a challenging person, as a husband, give her some bold advice, such as a stripper.This will help her break the taboo and keep the sex between the two of them long and memorable. Don't satisfy her sexual desire easily The biggest difference between a man and a woman is that a man's sexual needs are greater than that of a woman's.This actually reduces the unpredictability of sex.When women ask for what they want, men can use reverse psychology.Use setbacks to inspire more enthusiasm.As long as the man is careful, this "procrastination" is very effective.

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