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blog details: Frameworks are the program used for knowing what kind of tools have to be taken under usage for development and how they do relate to each other. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for creating Single Page Applications for Mobiles and Web. It is specially maintained by the community or individuals of Google. For creating a new app, Angular uses a lot of frameworks but we will be focusing more on those tools which are most featured and widely used by the developers: 1. Ionic: Already opted by many developers, Ionic is an HTML 5 framework for building progressive Web apps. It uses Software Development Kit (SDK) for handling multiple forms such as maintenance, designing and testing at an affordable price. It provides a seamless experience to the user. 2. Radian: This framework follows Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) structure supporting files like JADE, SAAS, Vanilla JavaScript, CoffeeScript. It helps a developer in developing applications rapid fast and effective. Reasons to choose Radian: • Writing JavaScript coding isn't necessary. • Most common plot types supported: lines, points, bar charts, area plots. • Open source with a liberal license. 3. Mobile Angular UI: Mobile Angular UI is a framework for developing HTML5 mobile apps. Bootstrap 3 lacks in providing Switches, Overlays, Sidebars, Scrollable areas. Reasons to choose Mobile Angular UI: • Switches, Overlays, Sidebars, Scrollable Areas. • Absolute positioned top and bottom Navigation bars that don't bounce on Scroll. • Optimized for both Bootstrap and AngularJS giving extremely large support to libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js. 4. Angular UI Bootstrap: These bootstrap components are written specially by Angular UI Team with the help of AngularJS. It consists of native Angular JS directives that are based on Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. 5. Supersonic: Also known as framework agnostic, Supersonic UI is a library consisting of web components, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows us to write HTML along with CSS components and it also helps in simplifying HTML5 apps. The main reason we chose above AngularJS framework is because it's helpful for both developers and users. For developers, it saves time by writing less codes and resolving the bugs founded. Why prefer AngularJS development for Mobile and Web applications: • Two-Way Data Binding • Code Reusability • Better Testing • Less coding The AngularJS Development Company, Aglowid IT Solutions have years of experience into AngularJS and other frameworks. We are getting better day by day in terms of improvement, scalability and turning our skills to be sharper than ever before.

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