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blog details: Green Architects ABOUT US We are the professional team of landscape architects provides all type of landscaping services. we develop design solutions that are guided by patterns found on every site, bringing them to reality through our powerful collaborative approach to the challenges of land development. We understand your challenges and fulfill your dreams in the field of landscaping. We design your outdoor space and structures to achieve environmental social behavioral or aesthetic outcomes. HOW WE DIFFER There is a major difference between a landscape architect and an architect, civil engineer and an urban planner. Landscape architects confront any problems concering the design and use of outdoor space and the land.the scope of the proffesion includes landscape design,site planning,urban design,park and recreation planning,environmental planning and ecological planning and design. Architects primarily design plans for buildings and structures. Civil engineers apply scientific knowledge to the design and construction of the infrastructures of cities,ranging from bridges and public utilities to sewer,water and road plans.urban planners develop comprehensive plans for the parts of cities or large regions. We touch on all the above mentioned design professions,integrated elements from each of them.while having a working knowledge of architecture,civil engineer and urban planning.we take elements from each of these fields to design artistic and functional relationships with the land. We are distinct from gardeners,landscapers and horticulturists. Gardeners and landscapers are not require to have the advance degree that is requisite for landscape architects.Their activies focus primarily on fundamental garden design and maintenance.Horticulturists are trained in the science of growing and producing plants Many horticulturist become nurserymen or work in garden center.


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