The Best Home Bathroom Flooring Options Suggestions from the Top Interior Designers in Kerala

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blog details: Choosing the right flooring materials for your bathroom is an overwhelming chore. However, what criteria do you think about? What inquiries would you ask? Like, does your bathroom flooring cope with humidity &water spills? Is it safe to stroll across with wet feet? Will it stain easily when cosmetics stumble? So, consider these concerns when it comes to selecting materials for your bathrooms. Here we recommend some of the best flooring options for your bathroom. Vinyl One of the best choices for bathroom flooring. These materials come in a broad variety of textured finishes, which are insulating for heat and sound, and are slip-resistant. It can be placed on top of other materials & is easy to replace, hence it needs less pre-work demolition. Vinyl mimics the look of wood, tile, and other more costly materials. The only drawback to this material is aesthetics—it doesn’t always look as good as stone or ceramic & doesn’t have the same feel. Ceramic Tile It comes in a limitless cluster of hues, shapes, and patterns. It is more expensive than vinyl, but one can blindly pick this for their bathroom flooring due to its aesthetic prettiness and moisture resistance. They are available in polished or glazed form & in non-polished or unglazed form. It's long-lasting, safe and clean, but make sure you pay attention to the porosity rating.House owners can also easily cut the tiles if they need to do the installation themselves. Porcelain tile For bathroom tiles, porcelain should be at the top of your list. With porcelain tile flooring, you can expect high moisture-proof, versatility & durability. Versatility in the sense, this flooring offers a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, & styles, allowing you to create your own unique design. Its hard-exterior resists water, odors, staining, and bacteria because it is made of clay that has been modelled and fired at extremely high temperatures. They come in a variety of shapes, including hexagonal, square, octagonal, &let for superior personalization in your bathroom. Cork Cork is waterproof, fire-resistant, hypoallergenic, warm and resilient, so it’s both splash-proof and comfortable underfoot. Also, cork has a textured surface that somewhat slips resistance too. It's made from harvested tree bark that grows back again, so it’s environmentally sustainable as well as renewable. It is an excellent substitute for wood; it rebuffs dust & doesn’t get as cold as stone or tile flooring on cold winter mornings. If it's properly maintained, it should last 40 years. Stone Whether it's granite, sandstone, slate, marble, limestone, or flagstone, stone flooring is the quintessence of magnificence & extravagance. The naturally occurring patterns on stone floors are prevalent for a reason: they are simply beautiful. With a vast variety of colors and textures to select from, there is certain to be the right stone flooring for your luxury interior design desires. Stone flooring is one of the priciest of all the other flooring alternatives. If you have the money, you have to opt for this, though it is damn sure it will repay you with its unmatchable aesthetics, luxury and lifetime validity. Bottom Line If you are planning to remodel your bathroom floor, you have a huge number of dazzling choices to browse that can deal with the bathroom condition. Alongside considering the look you need, factor in your financial plan, and the maintenance prerequisites of different flooring materials. As you look for the right material for bathroom flooring, keep vinyl, porcelain, cork, and stone at the top of the priority list, as they all make fantastic bathroom floors with trending looks without sacrificing durability. With the help of the best interior designers in Kerala, like Renjith Associates, one will get the total home interior design solutions in a detailed and perfect manner, right from conceptualization to execution. Being the most versatile home interior designers in Kerala, one can completely trust us with their home interiors within their desires and budget constraints. For better performance, we design and manufacture products creatively in our own production unit. Furthermore, our team provides high-quality interior design services, and so we established ourselves as one of Kerala's best interior designers by providing outstanding interior designs.


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