Introducing Dussehra Special Puja Kit by The Morning Blossom

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blog details: Dussehra festival is one of the auspicious festivals that marks the victory of good over evil! It begins the mark of the festive season in India. People are excited about celebrating the Dussehra festival with friends and family. Dashara festival is celebrated post the celebration of Navratri festival indicating the triumph of good deeds and worshipping the weapons, equipment and books that share knowledge to us. Dashara puja is known as Vijayadashmi festival which is celebrated on the seven month of the Lunar calendar. It was celebrated in the era of Lord Rama, who had defeated the 10-headed demon king, Ravana. And hence the name derived Dashara meaning defeat of 10 headed demons. People rejoiced on this day and wished each other Happy Vijayadashami. In addition, Vijayadashami festival is celebrated by lighting diyas (lamps) and offering pooja haar along with loose puja flowers to all deities. This year, Dussehra festival arrives on 15th October, 2021. Dussehra festival is just around the corner, there is a lot of pre-work for the festival which includes cleaning the house, making sweets, going to the local market for pooja samagri, and more. It is a task to organize all of this on your own. To make it feasible for you, we have curated a special Dashara puja pack that consists of all the things that are required on the day of Dussehra festival. This Dussehra 2021, has launched Dassehra Special puja kit which you can buy with simple, easy clicks: Dassehra Pooja Kit: You can now shop Dassehra Special Puja Kit from The Morning Blossom for Dussehra 2021 celebrations. Invite joy and happiness with your friends and families and celebrate this auspicious occasion of victory with the Dassehra Special Puja Kit from The Morning Blossom! The Dassehra Special Puja Kit by The Morning Blossom includes Apta leaves as they hold a significant value in the celebration of Dussera festival. The Apta leaves are gifted to one another on this auspicious festival.

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