How we can prevent tiny holes in clothes

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blog details: The Jeanie clip button covers (soft silicone material) protect shirts from tiny holes which comes because of hard-edged buttons, belts, zips, etc. Jeanie clip has different varieties of color combinations and designs as per your choice. Nowadays, we face a common problem that is tiny holes in clothes or common problems. Why are there holes in my shirt? There are so many causes of these tiny holes. Because of these tiny holes, garments either lose their quality or get some little openings. These small holes make your clothes unattractive, so you need to button covers to prevent holes in shirts. Jeanie Clip has made a solution to this problem, which is Jeanie Clip button covers to prevent holes in shirts. Using these button covers, you can utilize button covers to forestall small openings in garments. This button cover is entirely agreeable to prevent tiny holes. Jeanie clip button covers are made from soft silicon material. Because of this satisfying soft silicon material, the Jeanie clip has a distinct brand value. Jeanie clips provide many types of variety in button covers and different designs with color patterns. The most well-known inquiry that comes from women is “why are there holes in my shirts and tops?” The Jeanie clip has button covers with color combinations as well as attractive designs and neutral snakeskin, a geometric blueprint, zebra, and leopard.

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