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blog details: The United States election 2021 will be held for gubernatorial election on 2nd November 2021 in New Jersey and Virginia. These Are two of six special elections to the United States House of Representatives. These are special times and it requires an advanced way of looking at data. What if you have an analysis of all online conversations from all US states? ConvOcean helps you to decide your voter’s problem or trending topics based on the analysis of online conversation. This special election is held because of either deaths or vacancies. The twitter population is 161960 in Virginia 1st district, Virginia where 22% of people are talking about covid-19 pandemic. Among all trending topics 34.5% of people are talking negatively. If you know the sentiments and topics which can be targeted, it can help you to win voter’s loyalty. User analysis feature helps you to reach out specific audiences i.e. 32.7% of users on Twitter are digital marketers in Virginia 1st district. Similarly, you can get data from Facebook! The Facebook population in Virginia 1st district, Virginia is 439605. Trending topics are different at this platform and 32.5% of people are talking positively about it. The Instagram population in Virginia 1st district, Virginia is 262221. You can find top hashtags about which people talk. Currently, #campaignfinance hashtag is top most to talk about. 21% of people talk about this hashtag on Instagram in Virginia 1st district, Virginia. According to YouTube, Democratic party of two parties ( Democratic party and Republican party) has 72.9% positive and 22.4% negative sentimental analysis among all 462742 YouTube users. Apart from this, You can also know about Race and Ethnicity on various social media platforms i.e. There are three larger groups of people in Virginia 1st district, Virginia. If you’re an elected official this kind of data can be very useful to you to target voters. If you’re a person working for one of these two parties, convocean's direct message feature can be very useful to you for sending messages to particular groups of people. Analytics of these online conversations are available from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit. You can know about more than 10 types of data analytics based on conversations. Convocean allows you to know the data of every location and about each and every thing happening around you! Visit to know more analytics about Virginia 1st district, Virginia! Link:

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