The Body is Beyond the Numbers: Plus-size Clothing Brands For Women

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blog details: The Voice Of Women Society often limits the concept of fashion to a certain body type. It props up restrictive standards, a checklist of features one must complete before having the freedom to express oneself. These standards are plastered all over the billboards and the advertisements showing on your television: a sea of fair faces with tall and slender silhouettes, sinister agendas hidden behind sweet smiles. The growth of plus-size fashion The measurement and sizing of clothing, especially women’s clothing, has been under discussion for a long time. Brands and stores often emphasize smaller-sized clothing, providing a great variety of outfits for the same. The stylish, elegant, and chic clothes are often limited to a certain size range that excludes a large number of women. And even if they are available, they often do not accommodate both style and comfort….Learn more 8 Plus-size clothing brands for women Now that you are all caught up on the growth towards plus-size fashion, it is time to get to know some of the best brands that have been such a huge part of this change. These plus-size women’s dress shops and companies have weaved in layers of diversity, inclusivity, eco-consciousness, ethics, and kindness into their clothing. Here is a list of 8 such incredible plus-size clothing brands for women: Selkie As a child, did you find yourself lost to the gentle lull of fairytales, longing for the silhouettes of castles against distant skies? Then, Selkie’s magical collections that showcase frills of folklore with a modern touch might just be a long-lost wish fulfilled. They have a stunning range of clothing, from the surreal Van Gogh patterned dresses — including Starry Night, Sunflowers and Skull of a Skeleton — to their soft, colorful Puff Dresses that are a daydream come life…..Learn more LOUD BODIES Fashion as a bold and relentless exclamation of identity for each body — this summarises the message Patricia Luiza Blaj had in mind when she founded LOUD BODIES. The website unravels her own experience about how difficult it is to find bright, colourful, and fun clothing for plus-size people. Dia & Co A celebration of style beyond the restrictive rules is the theme at the heart of Dia & Co. Dia & Co is dedicated to the comforts and needs of plus-sized clients. They have much-needed amazing options in plus-size denimwear, skirts, shorts, and even activewear and intimates. They have styles for all seasons that can make mundane moments feel extra special….Learn more Girlfriend Collective Exercise and physical activity can be fulfilling for both the mind and the body and this experience is not just limited to thin people. Girlfriend Collective recognises the importance of inclusive activewear that can be comfortable and breathable for all bodies. They accommodate a diverse community and provides different clothing for different intensities of exercise….Continue reading

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