A Certificate Of Good Health: 7 Health Screenings For Women Over 40

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blog details: The Voice Of Women It is rightly said that ‘health is wealth’. Quite often, we get engrossed in the hectic routines of our lives, and we tend to put our health in the back seat of our own life. Not only is this wrong, but it can also lead to dangerous health issues. We all know that it is important to get checked by a doctor regularly but how many of us stick to our appointments? Well, there is a high chance you miss such appointments, or at best, delay them because you think your body is working just fine….Learn more 7 Health screening for women that need to be done periodically 1. Blood pressure screening Blood pressure is one of the most basic screening tests for women’s health and should be done regularly. It is recommended to get it done once a year. Further, it is important to conduct these health screenings for women that have a family history of heart diseases, kidney problems, or other such conditions as diabetes. 2. Breast cancer screening A mammogram is one of those health screenings that are a must for all women. This is because these screening tests for women’s health can prevent some of the most deadly illnesses. Although women must do a regular self-checkup each month, getting it tested clinically every 1 to 2 years is also crucial…..Learn more 3. Cervical cancer screening Although cervical cancer screening must begin by the time you are 21, it becomes imperative to regularise these screening tests for women’s health after 40. It would be best if you were screened with a PAP test every 3 years and an HPV test every 5 years. Such health screenings are a must for all women and must be done regularly….Learn more 4. Cholesterol screening For women that have had records of coronary diseases, cholesterol screening becomes very important. These health screenings for women can be started even by 45, but the earlier you start, the more informed you will be. It is important to conduct these screening tests regularly for women’s health. Your cholesterol must be checked regularly every 5 years but can be checked sooner depending on your lifestyle and other such habits….Continue Reading

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