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blog details: Valvesonly is the best Cast Steel Globe Valve Manufacturer in USA. Cast Steel Globe Valves are manufactured by a process called “Casting”. These valves are not suitable to work in applications which require high pressure. They are suited best for throttling services and also function best in fully open or fully closed position. It is low maintenance valves which can be used in both forward and backward direction. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand the harshest chemicals that flow through the valve. In a Cast Steel Globe Valve, when the disc is open, the flow is completely open and involves the regulation of the flow rate or it can completely close the flow path. Description: Material: Cast steel (WCB, WC6, LCB, WCC, LCC, WC9) Class: 150 to 2500 Nominal Pressure: PN10 to PN450 Ends: Flanged, Buttweld, Socket weld Size: 1/2" to 24" Operations: Handwheel, Electric and Pneumatic Actuated Advantages: • Better shutoff capacity. • Good for frequent operation. • Easy to repair. • Fast operation. By having an engineering-based team we can understand the technical needs of our clients in a better way. We believe in continuous improvements in our products to keep ourselves competent in the market. Our motive is to supply valves which are without defects to our customers. Our valves are specially designed to meet the needs of various industries like chemical industry, Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical industry. Visit here for more details:

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