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blog details: Do you still often see caregivers and family members struggling to lift or hold patients from one bed to another in the hospital? This primitive patient transfer method is not only laborious but also easy to cause injury to the patient and the caregiver. Here, I would like to introduce Yearstar’s transfer sheet, which can perfectly solve the above problems, and with the assistance of the wedge pillow, it can bring more convenience and comfort to the patients. Versatile for multipurpose positioning Equipped with 20 heavy-duty, reinforced handles, the Yearstar transfer sheet is able to help with patients’ sitting up, transferring, repositioning, turning, or lifting easily and safely from any angle. With twenty handles around the transfer sheet and each handle made of 2.5cm high-strength webbing and X-shape reinforced for tensile strength, the transfer sheet provides a safer and more comfortable grip for caregivers. The exquisite fabric brings a soft touch and breathable comfort A layer of brushed cloth is securely attached to the top of the transfer sheet to provide a soft and comfortable touch. While high-quality nylon fabric at the bottom of the transfer sheet is not only non-slip but also breathable, which helps reduce skin irritation. With the assistance of a wedge pillow, extra comfort can be achieved. The slope of the wedge pillow assists in leg lifting and helps relax necks and spines, creating a comfortable and healthy side position and provides back and leg support to help improve blood circulation and reduce pressure, thus reducing spinal and back pain. Besides that, the wedge pillow can evenly distribute the weight of the patient and avoid pressure ulcers caused by concentrated pressure in a certain part. The strong bearing capacity and the elasticity of the wedge pillow enable it to stay undeformed after long-term use, making it a perfect choice for repositioning and side sleeping especially when used together with the Yeartar transfer sheet.

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