Supreme Court favours Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group

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On Thursday 28th Oct 2021 in the Supreme Court hearing all decisions came in favor of Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group. All issues of Dr. Nowhera Shaik were consider by the Respected judge in this hearing. After this hearing, it has been assumed that investors don't need to wait for another hearing as they will be paid soon. It is being said that all difficulties which Nowheera was facing will cease very soon.

Supreme Court slammed CCS, ED, and Police

In the previous hearing, the Respected judge ordered CCS to give back data to Heera Group. But CCS failed to follow orders of the court. But on Thursday the hearing court strictly ordered CCS to give back Heera Group all data within 4 weeks. In reply, they said they do not have many funds to do that task and they need 6 more months. The respected Judge slammed them that this is a court hearing, not a joke.

The Supreme court ordered the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to unseal all properties of Nowhera Shaik which she was claiming to be her. So that she can liquidate them to pay back investors money

The Supreme court asked the related department why they had unfrozen only 60 bank accounts out of 241. Respected judge order to unfreeze all 241 accounts. There is a lot of money in the remaining accounts which can be use by Nowhera to pay back investors' money.

Recently Maharashtra police and UP police try to arrest Nowhera illegally. The respected judge said that if police have some ill intention towards Nowhera they should refrain from it. The Supreme Court ordered the police to stay away from Dr. Nowhera Shaik. As the court has already given regular bail to her

The respected judge also said that investors do not have to register complaints in too many departments. If they want to complain they can register it in SFIO. But of course, you don't need to file a complaint if you have full trust in Nowhera.

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