Why Kareena Kapoor’s Pregnancy Was Nobody’s Business

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blog details: The Voice Of Women Bollywood-related news thrives on the personal lives of celebrities same happened with Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy. Every now and then, a headline will claim that certain actors and actresses are dating. This often baseless fact is based on the news that they starring in a movie together or that they were spotted grabbing a meal one time….Learn more Getting through nine-months of hormonal changes, weight gain, growing stomach and so much more is hard-enough. Add to that all the camera flashes and inappropriate comments on the size of your tummy. Before birth Kareena Kapoor carried herself through the pregnancy with a lot of confidence and elegance. But, that was not a sign for the journalists to ask invasive questions. Recently, she opened up in an interview and revealed how inappropriate it was for people to stop her and ask about the gender of the baby and how it affected her…Learn more Showing her displeasure over the news doing the rounds, a four-months pregnant Kareena said to Hindustan Times, “I’m pregnant, not a corpse. And what maternity break? It’s the most normal thing on earth to produce a child. It is high time the media back off, and stop treating me any different than I ever was. Anybody who is bothered shouldn’t work with me. But my work goes on as is, like always. Stop making it a national casualty.” After birth One would have hoped that all the rude meddling would stop once the baby arrived. But, that hope was quashed when cameras started following baby Taimur wherever he went. Saif was seen requesting the cameramen to turn off the flash as it would blind the poor child. Both parents even made a public appeal to the reporters to stop taking Taimur’s pictures as he was still very young and got scared of people surrounding him. But, the many recent pictures of Taimur on the internet suggest that that did not work….Continue reading

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