Getting Wise With Age: Do Men’s Wisdom Differ When Old?

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blog details: Menskool The renowned Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Wisdom comes with age, which has been imprinted in our minds for so long now. But have you ever questioned this adage? Does men’s wisdom really come with age? Are the number of years increasingly determining how wise a man can be? The answer is, unfortunately, negative. The appearance of wrinkles on your face doesn’t always accompany the wise honing of your brain….Learn more So, what exactly is men’s wisdom? It’s difficult to frame the definition of wisdom in concrete and definite words. It’s a compilation of a plethora of things. So, let’s list each of them down to understand what it means. Wisdom includes humility, openness, emotional resilience, a deeper understanding of human nature, problem-solving skills, spiritual intelligence and knowledge, and quick learning from experience. All these qualities together create what we call wisdom. However, as you can see, these qualities are quite nebulous in themselves such as emotional resiliency and spiritual intelligence, which makes the quantitative measurement of it quite difficult. In addition, the difficulty of reckoning one’s wisdom is exacerbated as one’s cultural beliefs and social and environmental factors also play a role….Learn more The relationship between age and men’s wisdom According to the Berlin Wisdom Project, age has nothing to do with wisdom. Instead, people belonging in the category between middle and old age, are considered to be wiser. With the advancement of age, wisdom is considered to decline, especially at the age of 75. Be that as it may, the emotional quotient, including control and stability, is prevalent in the elderly. So, for instance, if a 70-year-old uneducated mother who grew up poor, will still score well above average on the wisdom scale. Therefore, the development of wisdom demands emotional resiliency along with age and experience….Continue reading

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