Do Men Really Need Acid Toners For Better Skin?

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blog details: Menskool By now, you must have been well acquainted with the basics of skincare. If you’re not, you can check out some of our articles on men’s skincare to brush up on the basics. Once you know that a facial cleanser is more apt for washing a face and moisturizer and an exfoliator is the must-have for one’s skincare routine, what do you think about toner?...Learn more What are acid toners? Acid toner or a toner helps in hydrating, cleansing, and exfoliating your skin. They are generally available in water-like solutions, and they consist of antioxidants and primarily, acids. It works as a primer for your skin because it keeps your skin clear from all the dead skin cells and oil. These are some of the basic characteristics of a facial acid toner. Be that as it may, they have different functions depending upon the type of skin and the type of toner you are using. Should you use acid toners for your face? Now, coming to the main point. Should you use acid toner for your face? Everyone doesn’t need to use a toner. If you already have a skincare routine that works for you, then probably not using a toner is a good idea. Sometimes, some toners contain harsh ingredients which can prove harmful to your skin. Therefore, it’s better not to mess up your routine, if it works all well for you. However, if you think that you need to up your skincare routine or it’s not working that well, then maybe you can upgrade it by using a toner…Learn more 5 Things to look for in a toner for men To get a good toner, you need to look out for the following ingredients: 1. Antioxidants If your skin is aging rapidly, you need to look for a toner that contains some powerful antioxidants such as vitamin B3 and vitamin C. Antioxidants ameliorate the texture of your skin and also reduce wrinkles and fine lines. According to a study published in 2020 in the ‘Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology’, vitamins C, E, and raspberry leaf extract were considered to improve the skin tone and reduce all the wrinkles on the face. 2. Glycerin Glycerin is generally known to fix dry and dehydrated skin. No wonder why it is found in a majority of skincare products. It has immense moisture retention which keeps your skin hydrated for an entire day….Continue reading

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