Two Years of Triple Talaq Act

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blog details: Triple Talaq or Talaq-e-biddat is a practice by Muslim communities which gives a man the right to divorce his wife by pronouncing “Talaq” three times in one sitting in any form of communication like text message, call, or without the consent of the wife. If the divorced woman wishes to remarry that person, she will have to obtain a divorce from a second husband before she can go back to her first marriage. Hence, on August 01, 2019, The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill was enforced by the government led by the NDA criminalizing the instant DivorceDivorce of Triple Talaq. Performing Triple Talaq would lead to imprisonment of up to three years without a warrant. This law came about after a Writ Petition filed by Shayara Bano, whose husband divorced her after 15 years of a marriage ending it by uttering Talaq thrice. Her petition asked for holding three practices unconstitutional- talaq-e-biddat, polygamy, and nikkah halala.


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