10 Life Lessons To Teach Your Son As A Father!!

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blog details: Menskool Important Life Lessons To Teach Your Son Yesterday, we came across a social media post that said “Before you begin to impose regulations on your daughters, try teaching your sons how to behave”, and we cannot agree more…..Learn more Father – A role model for every son While everybody loves little kids, it is not easy to raise them. It is the responsibility of the highest order. It’s a mother who goes through excruciating pain and problems for an entire period of 9 months and brings a new life to Earth. However, it’s a father whose duty is to be the emotional anchor for both, the mother as well as the child…..Learn more Some life lessons that you must teach your son Each human being learns certain things with time itself. We commit mistakes, we suffer due to them, and slowly and gradually we learn to differentiate between what’s good for us and what’s not. But, the seeds for important characters in every person are sown in his childhood, and hence, here we are to talk about some life lessons to teach your son, that he would keep with him throughout his life. 1. There is power in forgiveness: You would never become the smaller man if you forgive the other person…..Learn more 2. Everybody is equal: this is the most important thing to teach your son. The world will be a better place to live in if we start looking beyond the trifling differences of race, gender, caste, sex, color, occupation, economic status, etc. 3. Never abuse your privileges: The world we live in today is not completely egalitarian, and some people are more privileged than others….Learn more 4. Raise your voice against the wrong: There will be times when you will witness things happening in front of your eyes, and you would know it is wrong. That is not the time to sit and ponder on taking an action; that is the time to act. 5. Respect people: A basic dignity for any and everyone you talk to is important. Everybody deserves that amount of respect, and you must be mannered enough to provide them with that. The world needs kindness…..Continue reading

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