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blog details: It's not a big deal how excellent the quality of the product or service you offer is if you lack customers to afford it, the necessity of generating leads is the essential part of any customer funnel. In this article, we will learn plenty of things there is to know about lead generation, so let's begin with Lead Generation. What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is the process of finding and attracting potential customers. The primary goal of lead generation is to arouse their interest and help them to get their contact information. They are converting them into paying customers. It is a crucial part of the sales process of many companies. Online marketing or trading involves collecting a consumer's contact information through the web. Lead generation is also essential for e-commerce purposes. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or data, over an electronic network, firstly the internet and transactions over the internet. Before we start up with covering the pros and cons of lead generation, let's elucidate what we are talking about when we say "LEAD."

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