Why Most Amazon Startups fail!

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blog details: It might sounds Amazing having a private label brand on Amazon and seeing people making tons of profits might get a newbie to jump into the business. However, making sales and succeeding on Amazon as a private label brand is often a roadblock for most people. This is because they might ponder: -Where to start! -Where to source the items to sell -How to brand them, -Anything about Amazon seller central interface, -How to handle Trademark and logistics problems, -Which is better between air shipment and sea shipment. »Hence, the reason you need an established marketing company who has experts and costing of having one is way less than losing money. You might ask.. “Why Amazon a Private Label Startup needs the right marketing company to work with”? The answer is already obvious, isn’t it? –We’ve spent the last 10 years guiding Amazon Startups through the process from the start to finish, and we can help you too. Brandex Point has the experience of working with 100s of Amazon sellers with verifiable of 100s of millions in revenue. We offers you a one-stop solution to help you kick start the process and begin selling effortlessly. We use your investment requirement to launch your brand on Amazon, and help you navigate through the complicated processes. Services we provide: FBA Private Label Start-up Service Product Sourcing and Launch Seller Central Management Amazon Marketing Services Amazon PPC and Marketing Trademark, Logistics, LLC Feel free to set up a free consultation with us and see if we could get things going the right way

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