Know your Hat – A guide to Hat Terms, Fabrics and Styles

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blog details: Everybody loves to wear a stylish cap. But very few people can tell apart the part of their favorite headwear or its purpose. If you are on the same boat and have wondered what different parts of a cap are called, don’t worry, this Capbargain blog has you covered. Here is a quick glimpse of what you will learn: Different parts of a cap like - Crown: The top portion of the hat that sits on your head. Visor/Bill/Brim/Peak: the stiff protruding part of a cap that provides shade. Sweatband: This interior band which is located just above the undervisor to absorb sweat from the wearer’s head. Buckram/Liner: The interior lining that retains the structure of the hat. Eyelets: These are small holes on the top of the hat that facilitates airflow to your head. Button: The round part on the top of the crown that holds all the panels together. It is either metal or plastic and is covered with the fabric used on the cap. Panels: Triangular pieces of fabric that are stitched together to form the main rounded structure of the hat. The different cap categories based on each of these features eg: structured or unstructured, flat or curved billed, 5,6 or 7 paneled, high, mid, or low profile, and fitted or adjustable. The best fabrics for caps- like Cotton, Twill, Acrylic, and Denim along with a quick comparison of their features. Different cap styles like a baseball hat, dad hat, trucker hat, snapback hats, and more. Head to CapBargain’s blog “Know your Hat – A guide to Hat Terms, Fabrics, and Styles” so that you can make informed decisions while you are out and about to buy your next hat.

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