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blog details: According to astrology, a good and high-quality gemstone that matches your horoscope can transform your life for the better. As a result, if you want to see positive changes in your life as expected and desired, you must purchase only authentic, original, and high-quality gemstones. However, we sometimes face the constraint of a limited budget when choosing a high-quality gemstone. To buy gemstone on budget, you must know what to look for and what not to look for. The cost is calculated by colour, transparency, and weight. If you want to know if a gemstone is perfect, look at the colour. A perfect gemstone has a clear hue, a nice tone, no overtones, and a medium saturation. A perfectly coloured gemstone would be more expensive than a gemstone with lighter or duller colour tones on the market. Another important factor to consider when choosing a suitable gemstone is that it should have good clarity and minimal inclusions (visible lines, spots, etc). Natural gemstones will always contain some inclusions. It is important, however, that there are no negative inclusions such as cracks or dark spots. Transparent stones have more brilliance, lustre, purity, and light. A fully transparent gemstone with no visible inclusions would be more costly in the market. Even for the same quality stones, the price per carat increases as the weight of the stone increases. For example, if we take two Yellow Sapphire stones of the same quality but one is 5 carats and the other is 7 carats, the larger stone of 7 carats will be more costly per carat. This is because larger stones are rarer than smaller ones. What matters Quality or Quantity? As said before, colour, transparency, and weight are the primary factors that influence a gemstone's price. If you want to buy gemstone in limited budget, the colour should come first. According to astrology, it should be the ideal and prescribed gemstone colour. If you have more money to spend, you should look for a stone that has more clarity and transparency. It's critical to prioritize fine quality gemstones over larger quantity (carat weight) stones. It is preferable to purchase a smaller, higher-quality gemstone rather than a larger, lower-quality stone. It is preferable to look for a gemstone with good colour and few acceptable inclusions rather than the cleanest. Carat Weight to Wear According To Astrology Wearing a gemstone with the same weight as one's body weight is a popular trend. But it's just a new craze with no basis in reality; astrology has never given any weight-loss advice. Trends have come as a result of astrologers' personal beliefs. The stone should be large enough to be set in a ring or pendant and should be able to touch the skin. The size of the stone should not be too large because it is uncomfortable and difficult to wear. Smaller weights are preferable to larger weights. Choose from 5 carats to 8 carats stones to save money without sacrificing effects. Helpful Tip for Buying Gemstone "A smaller but higher-quality gemstone makes more sense than a larger but lower-quality gemstone."

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