5 Trendy Hat Styles & Popular Decoration Methods

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blog details: Hats are one of the most effective promotional items for brand awareness and building a name for your business. They are available in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit any occasion, be it a business campaign, team wear, or an accessory for making a bold fashion statement. The first step of creating a striking custom cap is to find a hat style that fits your needs. and deciding how you want to customize it. This blog introduces you to the five popular types of headwear- Snapbacks, Dad hats, Trucker hats, Performance hats, and Beanies and shows which decoration method works best for each. Embroidery and Heat Transfer are two of the most popular decoration options for caps and hats. Embroidery works by sewing the decorative stitches directly onto the cap fabric. Digital Heat Transfers on the other hand use heat and pressure to affix a pre-printed design onto the hat. Here is how the two methods match on different aspects of customization. Design Complexity and Finish Embroidery can give you a decoration that looks classy and upscale. You will also have the option of using foams for getting a 3-dimensional appeal. However, embroidery is not suitable for complex designs with small texts, multiple colors, or gradients. DHT can render complex designs without losing any details. They can also print wider designs without making them look distorted. This makes DHT ideal for intricate logos with lots of colors and finer details. Cap Material Embroidery works great with almost every cap material like cotton and polyester. The only catch worth mentioning is that 3D embroidery can be a little tricky with foam-front caps. DHT also gives good results with most cap fabrics. However, it is not recommended for heat-sensitive acrylic hats due to the risk of melting. Durability Both Embroidery and Digital Heat Transfer will last for a long time. However, embroidery designs might last slightly longer in comparison as the decoration becomes a part of the cap. Price In embroidery, the cost of production is based on the number of stitches required for the design. So larger designs come at a higher cost. The cost of DHT depends mostly on the number of colors in the design. They are cost-efficient for small to medium-sized orders. To learn more about these decoration methods and find the best cap styles suitable for them check out CapBargain’s blog “‘5 Trendy Hat Styles & Popular Decoration Methods”.

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