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blog details: While businesses in Tennessee and the rest of the country have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing has become the main way to keep remote employees connected. In fact, video conferencing has also become the “go to” platform for schools to keep students educated, government organizations to meet, and friends and family to stay in touch. That growth in consumer and business users has caused Zoom (one of the biggest platforms) to explode in user growth. In December of 2019, Zoom had about 10 million daily users. By April 2020, that number had reached 300 million. But this growth caused a big problem for many users. Troublemakers started crashing people’s meetings, shouting profanity or showing explicit images, exposing some significant security problems with the software. This phenomenon was dubbed “Zoom-bombing” and it’s caused many school districts, governments, and businesses to stop using Zoom altogether. The risk of having a meeting disrupted like that, just wasn’t worth it. But, where do you go for easy and reliable video conferencing? Business solutions for remote teams and remote customers very much rely on cloud-based business solutionslike online video conferencing. You do have other options out there beyond Zoom, and one in particular gives you an all-in-one communication solution. Take Video Conferencing Up a Notch with UD Voice One of the drawbacks of software like Zoom that is only made for video conferencing, is that it’s not designed to facilitate other types of team communications. Today’s businesses are looking to streamline their use of the cloud. Many came out the other side of cloud adoption with more cloud solutions than they needed. The average company uses 16 different cloud applications. Using cloud tools made to do only one thing causes problems, such as: PAYING TOO MUCH TO IN CLOUD SUBSCRIPTION COSTS USERS AND ADMINS HAVING TO LEARN MULTIPLE BUSINESS APPLICATION INTERFACES DATA AND PROCESSES THAT AREN’T WELL INTEGRATED Certain Zoom alternatives are Skype, GoToMeeting, and Cisco Webex, but do you want to use another conferencing tool that does only that? When r a stand-alone tool, you want to look at ways you can capture multiple processes under one umbrella to reduce costs and improve efficiency. A great replacement for Zoom, is UD Voice, which does video conferencing and so much more in the same program. What is UD Voice? UD Voice is a complete cloud-based communication platform, that gives your team the power to connect and collaborate in a number of ways, with video conferencing being one of them. This all-in-one solution brings together: VOIP PHONE SYSTEM REAL-TIME CHAT VIDEO MEETINGS FILE SHARING VIRTUAL FAX So instead of only video conferencing, your team can have a tool that enables them to do a lot more. Here are some of the benefits of using an umbrella solution like UD voice. Make Your Office Remote-Friendly During the pandemic, many businesses have had to find workarounds for how to run their business from employee homes. While it looks like things may be opening back up soon around the country, many employees may stay remote permanently due to the cost savings and other benefits. Your business communications are all “remote-friendly” when using UD voice. Employees can: ANSWER BUSINESS LINES HOLD VIDEO CONFERENCES MESSAGE COWORKERS SHARE FILES KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS AVAILABLE (THROUGH A PRESENCE INDICATOR) This gives your company the freedom to work how you choose and be nimble should another unexpected event come along that requires moving workers off-site. Improve Your Customer Experience When your team can access calls, conferencing, and messages from desktop or mobile and from office, home, or on the road, that means they can be more responsive to your customers’ needs. Additionally, UD Voice integrates with multiple business productivity platforms, like Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Salesforce, allowing for seamless connection with other customer records and automations that save time and improve your customer experience. Easy Video Conferencing Some conferencing solutions are so complicated that half the meeting is spent waiting on someone to download and install the software client so they can get into the online session. One of the reasons that Zoom became so popular is because it’s easy to use. UD Voice is as well! It uses browser-based video conferencing, no software or extension to install. People can just focus on the meeting and not waste time figuring out how to join. Integration of Mobile Devices with Your Phone System The UD Voice app allows your mobile phone to fully integrate with your company phone system. You can call out using your company phone number and receive business calls through the mobile app. Users also have the option of using a desktop app or desktop handsets, so the call handling experience can be optimized for each user. Learn More About Upgrading Your Communications to UD Voice Looking for a better way to handle office communications? One that is flexible, reliable, and secure? Unbound Digital can help you get started with UD Voice and up your communications game. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call 423-335-2461 or reach us online.

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