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blog details: Valvesonly is the best AWWA Check Valve Manufacturer in USA. AWWA stands for American Water Works Association. AWWA Check Valves are used in wastewater, water, oil and gas and sewage applications. AWWA Check valves are used for preventing the reverse flow of gas, fluid, and air in the event of a brake failure. The flow of the medium is started and stopped using these self-activating relied valves. These valves are self-activating check valves that allow just one direction of flow for gases and liquids. An AWWA check valve's job is to keep the flow of the process from reversing in the system, which could damage equipment or disrupt the operation. One-way directional valves are what they're called. These valves are often used to safeguard liquid pumps and gas compressors from backflow, which could cause the pump or compressor to shut down. They're also used in process systems with multiple pressures that need to be maintained separate. They work without the usage of external power since they rely on the pressure drop caused by the medium flow. Material: Cast iron, Ductile iron Size: 2” to 48” Class: PN6 to PN25, ANSI 150 Ends: flanged, Wafer, Lug, Threaded, Buttweld, Socketweld By having an engineering-based team we can understand the technical needs of our clients in a better way. We believe in continuous improvements in our products to keep ourselves competent in the market. Our motive is to supply valves which are without defects to our customers. Our valves are specially designed to meet the needs of various industries like chemical industry, Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical industry. Visit here for more details:

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